The KnightLight Tavern
World Restaurant
Steaks, Seafood

Wine, Beer, Cocktails

Food Drama at the KnightLight...always a performance!

Just for Fun......because its all about the Food and Wine at The KnightLight. Good times, good friends.

(As the wine pours)

So the Ribeye said to the Filet...hey not only am I bigger but I am the most popular at the which the Filet said,,hold on..not so fast, I am smaller but also marinated and so tender and juicy that I am the most popular...and then the salad said...hey ego's...I go with every steak...but you don't see me bragging and then the bottle of wine popped its cork ....oh the drama, and then the Asparagus got all steamed up and said..hey...I make you guys look good..what about me??? and finally Chef Karina steps in and says...okay that's it...were all a team here! Each and every dish is created with great care and pride....and your all very important!! End Scene 1 Act 1.
copyright RTI 2014

“As The Pizza Bakes”  Food  Drama at the KnightLight    Scene 2 Act 1

King Arthur Supreme:  Hey Sir Lancelot I am taking Lady Guinevere Dessert out on the town tonight and gonna need a little extra time in the oven to work on my tan today. Can you keep an eye on the temperature for me?

Sir Lancelot Pepperoni: uh…suurre.

“Later that evening as Sir Lancelot Pepperoni picks up  Lady Guinevere Dessert”

Lady Guinevere Dessert:  Sir Lancelot Pepperoni? Where is King Arthur Supreme and why are you all dressed up?

Sir Lancelot Pepperoni: …King Arthur Supreme got a little burned today and I am going to be your take out pizza tonight. I dressed up for you and threw on some Jalapenos just to spice things up…lets go baby.

Queen Vegetarian: Looks like its time for me to step in and do a little investigation of whats going on in the Kitchen.

So the grilled Chicken with sautee’d mushrooms said to the Hawaiian Grilled Chicken, wow what are all those accessories you have on? To which the Hawaiian Grilled Chicken said I am seasoned and grilled then topped with bacon and a grilled pineapple slice then drizzled with a brown sugar glaze, and The Mushroom Bacon Cheeseburger replied with “wow, you are two smoking hot chics”.   (As the wine pours) Food drama at the KnightLight.



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